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Social Media Marketing Basics

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing?

Raise Brand Awareness

Having a Social Media presence directly means that these millions will see you, recognise you, like you and then convert!

Affordable & Innovative

Creating and posting content on Social Media is not as costly and extensive as putting up an ad on a billboard. Neither does it limit your audience to just the people in close vicinity. Social Media Marketing is thus an affordable yet innovative way to communicate with your prospective customers and win them over!

More Personal. More Human

By creating and posting funny, educational, engaging, emotional and trendy content on Social Media you can make your brand more human and carry out conversations that are more personal. After all one would trust a human more than an authoritative entity, right?

Sell Smartly

Truth be told no one likes products and services being shoved down one's throat by a salesperson. With strategic and creative communication on Social Media Platforms, you can talk about your business without sounding like your only goal is to sell it. It makes your audience believe they have power over their purchase decision and not you.

Our Unique Methodologies That’ll Help You Stand Out!

Blend of Old & New

As a Social Media Agency, we swear by our learning from traditional advertising methodologies and theories but never let them limit our creativity and evolution in accordance with new technology and trends. Our Creative team is also a blend of experienced professionals and young freshers so our content is always accurate, and strategic yet fresh and new.

We Keep Up

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency that’s always eyes and ears to keep up with everything that happens on Social Media in order to be able to craft content that is up to date and keeps your brand always a step ahead of the competition.

Creativity & Analytics

With excellent SMO Services, we undoubtedly are always hell-bent on creating the most creative and innovative content on Social Media but our team is also extremely efficient in terms of technology. What’s working according to the current algorithm? What kind of creatives is performing well and not so well on the Analytics dashboard? We always keep a check and thus create, correct and recreate accordingly.


Grow your client base with data driven and targeted strategy

Social networking is fantastic, at the very least, for raising brand recognition and creating a community of potential customers. Social networking can, at most, be a significant source of income. It facilitates communication. It’s one of the best ways to encourage audience participation in your brand, which encourages sales. The last major benefit of investing in social media is audience targeting. Display advertising and promoted/boosted posts are excellent strategies to start a retargeting or brand awareness campaign.

Your company’s social media criteria for success or potential should be based on your corporate objectives. Common indicators for evaluating the success of social media marketing include:


  • Are you increasing the amount of social media users who view your brand?


  • Do people comment on your content and share them?
  • How frequently are people mentioning your brand?
  • How many visitors link through to your website from social media referrals?
  • How many people are in your immediate social networks, measured in followers?

The easiest way to understand how social media is helping your business is to combine social media stats with those from other channels. Are leads from social media referrals, for instance, more qualified than those from paid advertising?

We have more ideas for social media KPIs as well as KPIs for other channels of marketing.

Simply put, no. People follow your brand across numerous mediums across social media for a variety of reasons. As a result, you cannot anticipate having an audience that is precisely the same on every platform. Having said that, narrative can be used to bind an audience together. We as a Social Media Marketing Agency ensure unique, exclusive & customised strategies for each social media platform to ensure the right tonality, and message delivery and thus drive the desired action from each platform.

Social media advertising can prove to be one of your greatest options if you’re having trouble spreading the word about your goods or services. Although you shouldn’t rely just on this strategy every time you make an update, occasionally increasing updates could have a significant influence on social media presence and desired outcome.

Less than half of social marketers believe that paid advertisements are effective when it comes to B2B, so things don’t seem so fantastic there. Make sure the platform you select is the one where your target audience spends the most time if you don’t want to waste your money.

Among the practises you should avoid include spamming, maintaining many profiles on each network, and barely engaging with your audience. Some of these behaviours confuse your audience, while others lead them to outright unfollow and/or report you.

One of the primary pitfalls you could encounter is consistency. That can include launching on one platform before switching to another. It could also imply hurriedly publishing updates. Making your social media posting decisions logically could help you build a stronger connection with your audience.

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